Selmer Zodiac Twin Thirty Early 60’s (Used) SOLD

Serial Number:… 19299 and ? circa early 60’s
Description:… Here are a couple of unique vintage amps that I have never seen up close before.
These Selmer Zodiac 30 watt 2×12 amps feature Selmer labeled Goodman speakers, four inputs, built in Tremolo
and selector tone push button controls. The “Blinking Eye” gives you a visual indication of the
tremolo speed. Now that’s what I’m talking about!  The two independent channels on this amp allow
you to use one side for a microphone and the other for guitar. Both amps are in good shape with a
bit of cosmetic wear and tear. Pretty cool!
Pricing:… $3500.00 each in  Canadian Dollars (approx.$3333.US$ as for May 25/2010) SOLD