Stelling Golden Cross Banjo 1978 (consignment) SOLD

Serial Number 722, dated as built 26 April 1978 in Spring Valley, California.
Pricing $2999.99 CAD with Stelling case. SOLD
Neck Walnut neck with bound, finished ebony fingerboard.
Frets 22 frets, play wear in low positions.
Body Walnut resonator, standard Stelling block rim, flange and ‘wedge-fit’ tone ring.
Finish Gloss lacquer finish in natural, in excellent condition.
Hardware/electronics Nickel hardware with some play wear on plating, particularly on the armrest. Original gears replaced with Schallers. Two capo tacks installed.
Playability/Action This plays well as is, and of course we will adjust the setup to the player’s needs. Please see the video link below for more details.
Case Original Stelling case included.
Comments This is an excellent-condition 1978 Stelling banjo. This banjo has no issues with projection – you’re going to hear it.

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