Sukar Oud Model 211 (consignment) – Audio Clip SOLD

Here’s a wonderful oud! Made in Aleppo, Syria, by Ibrahim Sukar. The instrument appears to be built mostly of European walnut.

Serial Number N/A
Pricing $650 CDN
Neck Fingerboard tag is inlaid into the top.
Frets None! Ouds are a fretless instrument.
Body Traditional bowl-back construction, similar to a lute.
Finish Original natural finish
Hardware/electronics Friction tuners, no pickups.
Case Original form-fit case, red quilted padding, hinged at tail, plus extra soft case.
Comments If you’re interested in this instrument and come into the shop, please ask for it; we don’t have many oud stands so it’s in its case.

Here’s an audio illustration of this oud, by Roy Patterson:

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