TC Electronic G System (consignment) SOLD

TC Electronic builds high-quality audio equipment.   Based in Denmark, TC Electronic is known for quality and technical innovation;  we generally carry their products as effects pedals but their line includes studio and broadcast devices.

Here we have a TC Electronic G system.    Aside from its quality and flexibility, and its tank-like construction,  its design is interesting.  It is basically two systems, a rack-mount processor bolted under a controller board.    This means that the processing unit can be removed and installed in a rack for permanent mount in a studio.

The TC Electronic G System combines 25 built in digital effects, including compression, modulation and time based effects(up to 9 can be used simultaneously) with four effects loops and 4 9v, 50mA power outputs.   So, you can also connect and control your own favourite effects!

This unit appears to have been built around 2008.  To say that it’s solidly built is a significant understatement; the sides are 3/8 inch metal and are tapped so the unit can be bolted to a pedalboard or case.

You can read about the  TC Electronic G-system here

Serial Number:  This unit carries two serial numbers, one for the  Controller board (6563143 and one for the GFX01 effects processor unit (6533081).   Likely built around 2008.


Pricing:  $1,000.00.  The original list price was $2,245.00.   SOLD

Status:  SOLD