Telesforo Julve Lyra Guitar Spain circa 1900 (consignment) SOLD

Serial Number N/A, label specifies manufacture in Valencia, Spain by Telesforo Julve. This instrument is dated to around 1900.
Pricing $2125 CDN, case not included. SOLD
Neck Mahogany, the neck is in great condition.
Frets 18 frets in total, made of brass. The neck joins the body at the 14th fret.
Body The body appears to be made of Brazilian rosewood. The exterior is quite bleached to a walnut shade, but the inside shows the redness of Brazilian. European spruce top.
Finish Original varnish or lacquer finish.
Hardware/electronics Ebony friction tuning pegs with mother of pearl inserts. Mother of pearl inserts on the bridge.
Playability/Action This is a fully playable instrument, though you might want to restrict it to lower tension strings given its age. Visually very interesting, and not really awkward to play.
Case No case.
Comments Telesforo Julve was a Valencian classical guitar builder who worked between the 1890’s and 1930’s. This is an example of a Spanish lyra guitar in good shape from around 1900. The label reads:
Fabrica de Guitarras, Bordones y Cuderas, Telesforo Julve
Valencia (Espana) Arzobispo Dayoral No. 13
Bordones Finos Fabrication Especial de la Casa

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