Vega Folklore 22-fret Banjo 1968 SOLD

Serial Number A-124391, dated 7-11-68.
Pricing $799 with case. SOLD
Neck 22-fret Maple neck with cherry – stained maple fingerboard. Black headplate with script Vega inlay.
Frets 22 original frets
Body Laminated maple tone ring.
Finish Clear gloss finish with cherry tint on neck, walnut stain on tone ring.
Hardware/electronics Nickel plated parts in good condition, Grover tuner upgrade.
Playability/Action Plays well and has been set up by Grant MacNeill. We will set it up to suit the needs of the purchaser.
Case Case included.
Comments Here’s a 1968 Vega Folklore banjo in great condition. Folklore banjos were a very popular, affordable banjo model in the 50’s and 60’s. They aren’t extremely bright and have decent bass. The tuners have been upgraded to Grovers from the original right-angle open gears.

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