Vega Tu-ba-phone No.9 Tenor Banjo 1928 (Consignment) SOLD

Serial Number:…
Description:…  David L. Day developed the Tu-ba-phone tone ring while working for the Vega Company
around 1909.   The Tu-ba-phone tone ring has a square crossection with holes perforated on its inner
surface and is considered to this day,  one of the finest tone rings for both tenor and 5-string frailing
banjos!   This particular tenor is a No. 9 model with intricately engraved mother-of-pearl inlays and a highly
detailed neck-heel carving!  These Tu-ba-phone No. 9 banjos are not only sought after as tenors,  but are
highly valued as potential conversions to 5-string claw-hammer instruments!
Neck:…  1 1/8″ wide bone nut;  bound ebony fingerboard; mother-of-pearl inlays are highly engraved;
carved neck heel; 23″ scale length;
Frets:…  moderate to heavy wear
Pot Assembly:… original;  Tu-ba-phone tone ring;  original neck post with serial number and “Tu-ba-phone”
Finish:… original gloss lacquer finish;  worn through to the wood in small area on back of neck
Playability/Action:… excellent
Case:… non original hardshell in 5/10 condition
Pricing:… $2175.00 Can$  (approx.$2111.US$ as of Oct 1/2010) SOLD

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