William Laskin Flamenco Guitar 2012 SOLD

Serial Number 2012. Completed Spring of 2012
Pricing $16,200.00 CAD with Calton case SOLD
Neck Spanish Cedar neck, reinforced with carbon graphite, with ebony fretboard and headstock overlay. 655 mm scale; standard for Spanish flamenco scale length
Frets Standard narrow frets, with zero wear.
Body Italian Cypress wood back and sides, Sitka Spruce top, binding, armrest and appointments a mix of Ebony, Rosewood and other dyed veneers. Laskin rosette of marquetry and pink abalone. Brazilian Rosewood bridge. The body features a side port to increase bass response.
Finish Typical of all Laskin guitars: flawless finish in Lacquer.
Hardware/electronics Irving Sloan tuners on cast bronze plates, with ebony buttons.
Playability/Action Setup within the normal range of CONCERT Flamenco action; currently at 7/64 measured at the 12 fret position. Commonly we have flamenco players who go as low as 6/64 and rarely even lower. There is a full 6/64 of excess height at the bridge saddle so plenty of scope to lower the action if required.
Case Deluxe Calton “Laskin” case, custom made to Grit Laskin’s specifications
Comments From William Laskin, This is a brand new Flamenco instrument, specifically made for Jesse Cook. Jesse Cook has played a Laskin Flamenco Negra in performance for many years.This on-going collaboration with Jesse inspired Grit to build Jesse another guitar; after years of dreaming about getting a Flamenco Blanca Laskin into Jesse’s hands, Grit finally managed to find the time to build one.As always, Grit’s guitar was spectacular. But the timing was “just not in the stars”.Jesse was caught by surprise when presented with a new $18,000 Laskin guitar. With his busy schedule, constantly touring and recording, another high end guitar to maintain and care for is just not needed at this busy time in his career.

Jesse and Grit agreed to allow The Twelfth Fret to sell this 2012 Laskin as new guitar complete with the new Laskin full warranty.

Jesse kindly put together a demonstration of this guitar for us that was tacked on to the end of a recording a live theatre performance.

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