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Jam Waterfall Chorus

It’s no secret that I’ve always hated chorus pedals. I hate the way they get over used, especially in the 80’s, and I hate the way most of them suck the life out of your sound like Bela Lugosi after a week on a desert island with no food.


JAM Tube Dreamer 58 Overdrive

This pedal has the classic Tubescreamer sound using the JRC4558 chip like the vintage Ibanez TS808 going for a small fortune on E-bay. Not only is this pedal a more cost effective solution, but the designer graphics and the true bypass design make it a way better value and sonically superior solution. With beefed up resistors and diodes along with the true bypass switch, this pedal is a marvel of tone with some modern appointments.


JAM Fuzz Phrase Overdrive/Fuzz

A modern take on a legendary pedal, the Fuzz Phrase is a must have for sixties rock and fuzz enthusiasts. They have spared no expense on parts with this pedal.


JAM Red Muck Pedal

If you’re like me and love distortion pedals, then you know that everyone should own a Big Muff Pi, especially the Russian made one.


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