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Martin D-18 1952 SOLD

Here is a D-18 from the early 50’s that has seen some good hard playing time. There are a few repairs and lots of wear to the finish. The guitar is structurally sound but could use a neck reset to play well. The tone is full and warm with a nice balance through the bass, middle and treble frequencies.


Martin 0-28 1890’s (Consignment) SOLD

This beautiful 0-28 has C. F. Martin New York stamped inside on the back strip, end block and the back of the headstock and looks great for its age. This guitar has had some work done but you just can’t beat the vibe and warm rich tone of this very cool piece!


Martin OM-18 1931 (Consignment) SOLD

The Martin Orchestra Model was original released in 1929 and was available until 1933 when it was changed to the shorter scale 000 model. This OM-18 features a long scale neck on a small body which makes a very responsive and playable guitar. One of the first truly modern flat top acoustic guitars it was also the first Martin to have a neck with 14 frets clear of the body. The comfortable V neck profile and 1 3/4″ nut width along with the smaller body instantly appealed to finger style players. Major factors contributing to the great sound of these guitars are the scalloped braces, small maple bridge plate which allow the top to move more freely and the long scale length. This longer scale length requires the strings to be at a higher tension when tuned to concert pitch. This extra tension drives the top more and provides more volume and tone. This example is in all original and excellent overall condition with purely cosmetic play wear!!


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