Cruz Tools GrooveTech The Best String Cutters!


Cruz Tools GrooveTech The Best String Cutters!

I install several sets of strings daily at The Twelfth Fret. My string nippers are constantly in use.

I love a well made tool. I use tools all day then head home and continue with carpentry and motorcycle repairs in the evening. And when I find a quality tool at a reasonable price, that does its job well — I’ve got to have it.

The weight and feel of these cutters is ideal for guitar work. A built-in spring opens the jaws for the next cut and nose of the cutters is fine enough that I can easily reach into a slotted peghead to cut off string ends.

Rugged and well made, they should last any guitar tech a lifetime.

Pricing: 14.95 CAD. Flat rate postage in Canada of $10, USA $11.00

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