2000 Fender 56 NOS Stratocaster SOLD

Comments Here’s a nearly perfect, built in 2000 Fender 56 NOS Stratocaster. The NOS stands for New Old Stock and this looks like it’s hardly been out of the case, and the case stored in a time capsule!

All of the original case candy and Custom Shop certificates are included. This is about as close to mint as you can get without actually running the presses.

This is a very clean guitar – not just in condition and looks, but it has the clean, crisp, glassy tone so characteristic of 1950’s Strats.

Serial Number R7640, built April 25, 2000 at the Fender facility in Corona, California.
Pricing $1,500.00 CND with original tweed case and all accessories. SOLD
Neck Birdseye maple neck with black dot markers. Custom Shop logo on back of headstock. There is a small dent on the headstock, perhaps a case bite, below the ‘Original Contour Body’ decal section.
Frets Original fifties-style frets with no appreciable wear, at all.
Body Alder body in the classic Stratocaster contours. Alder tends to be fairly light yet resonant.
Finish Translucent creamy white lacquer finish in near perfect condition. There is a small amount of normal, natural lacquer checking beginning on the top and back.
Hardware/electronics All original – Kluson-style tuners, Custom Shop pickups. Single layer white pickguard, vintage style steel-block trem with pressed steel saddles.
Playability/Action This guitar plays like new! Very clear, clean and glassy.
Case Original tweed case in pristine condition, with all case accessories included.

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