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Vega is one of the older names in American musical instrument production, first operating in Boston, Massachusetts in 1881 and making guitars, mandolins, and horns.   In 1904, Vega purchased the remains of the A C Fairbanks Banjo company, which had weeks before suffered a devastating fire.

From this point, Vega was mostly known for its banjos and brass instruments.   In the 1930’s, as interest in banjos began to wane,  guitar production began and many good archtop models were built.

By the late 1940’s, Vega was fading though they continued in business until the 1970s when C F Martin purchased the company, and produced Vega banjos.

In 1989, the Deering Banjo Company purchased Vega and these are now a premiere line that continues the Vega legacy.

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