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❌SOLD❌ Marshall Silver Jubilee Studio 2525c 5/20 Watt 1×12 Tube Combo Amplifier

❌SOLD❌ Marshall Silver Jubilee Studio 2525c 5/20 Watt 1x12 Tube Combo Amplifier

New Marshall Silver Jubilee Studio line includes the compact combo Model 2525c – and H for the head model – switchable from 5 to 20 watts, with an Effects Loop and DI output!
Marshall amplifiers have been built in the UK since the late 1950s. Like a number of other successful builders, Jim Marshall started building amps out of necessity; import duties on American amps like Fenders were so high that it made sense to use English familiarity with tube technology to build locally.

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❌SOLD❌ Tone King Imperial 1×12 Combo Amp Turquoise-White, 2010

❌SOLD❌ Tone King Imperial 1x12 Combo Amp Turquoise-White, 2010

Here we’re looking at a Tone King Imperial sporting Turquoise / White dress and in great condition. This amp was hand built in Mark Bartel’s Tone King shop in Baltimore, MA. In 2010, Premiere Builder’s Guild had just purchased Tone King, which they held till they closed in 2016, ending Bartel’s association with the brand. Tone King is now part of Boutique Amps Distribution, and from 2017 Mark Bartel builds amps under his own name.

Price: $2250CAD

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❌SOLD❌ Marshall JMP 2104 2×12 50 Watt Combo Amp, 1981

❌SOLD❌ Marshall JMP 2104 2x12 50 Watt Combo Amp, 1981

The single-channel Marshall JMP 2104, built from 1975 to 1981, was the 2×12 Combo version of the JMP 2204 50 watt head and Marshall’s first Master Volume design.

Price: $1450CAD

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