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❌ Sold ❌ Gibson SG Standard Heritage Cherry, 1996

❌ Sold ❌  Gibson SG Standard Heritage Cherry, 1996

The Gibson SG Standard is the successor to the Les Paul Standard, by way of Gibson’s 1961 complete redesign of the Les Paul models, and the loss of the Les Paul name that followed. There are a few small dents here and there, which have not broken the finish. Fret wear is light and the guitar plays well and is a comfortable weight – interestingly both examples weigh the same, 3.25kg or 7.15 pounds.

Price: $1000 CAD

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Gibson SG Special Heritage Cherry, 2002

Gibson SG Special Heritage Cherry, 2002

Differences between the Gibson SG Special and SG Standard don’t jump out at first. The main visual elements are the same – the same wood selection, shape, and gloss lacquer finish. However, the Special has an unbound fingerboard with dot markers, gold-decal Gibson logo and ‘SG’ engraved on the truss rod cover. The SG Standard has a bound fingerboard, trapezoidal markers, Mother of Pearl Gibson logo plus the ‘Holly’ inlay on the headstock. As well, the pickups are uncovered on the Special, while the Standard pickups have metal covers.

Price: $1000 CAD

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