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❌SOLD❌Ramirez SPR Spruce Top Classical Guitar, 2012

❌SOLD❌Ramirez SPR Spruce Top Classical Guitar, 2012

The Ramirez SPR classical guitar continues the tradition of the Ramirez 1a Especial model. Conceived by the maestro-luthier Amalia Ramirez, the SP-R furthers the evolution to the ‘modern’ sound. In the model designation, the SP refers to ‘Semi Professional’ and the R for Revised – this model supersedes and improves the original Ramirez SP. Based on professional grade model designs, the top of the Ramirez SPR is built at the Ramirez shop and the guitar completed offsite. The Ramirez home shop is not a large place, and Madrid doesn’t allow spray finishing within the city limits, so offsite completion is necessary.

Price: $4,150.00 CAD

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Ramirez SPR Classical Guitar

Ramirez SPR Classical Guitar

The Ramirez SPR classical guitar is based on the Ramirez SP model designed by Amalia Ramirez in 2002 and fits between the Studio and Professional models. The SPR guitar is partly built at the Ramírez workshop, where, once completed, it is carefully reviewed, adjusted and certified. The Ramirez SPR classical guitar features a lovely new rosette designed by Amalia Ramírez and a ‘historic’ label in the style of the labels seen in pre-1960s era Ramirez guitars.

Price: $5,779.00 CAD


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