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❌Sold Out❌ Ramírez 130th Años or 130th Anniversary Model – Guitarras de Estudio


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Note:   This model is out of production and we’re sold out! Ramírez has revised the “Anniversary” line, and is now offering the ‘Tiempo’ model in place of numbered models. 

Read About The Ramirez del Tiempo Guitar!

The Ramírez 125th Años commemorative model was an enormous success for Amalia Ramírez. As 2011 drew to a close, Ramirez Guitar representatives world-wide were concerned that these popular guitars would no longer be available. Fortunately, this guitar has been reborn as the new 130th Años Model, as the 130th anniversary of the Ramírez family business begins in 2012.

Ramirez has kept the original quality and spirit of the Ramírez 125 Años guitar alive but redesigned the Rosette and soundhole label for this new model: tone, balance and superb quality of woods throughout remains the same.

Amalia Ramírez has created the new Ramírez 130 Años model as a Limited Edition which will be built during the five years from 2012-2017, celebrating the 130th Anniversary of the Ramirez workshop! It is based on the model E series guitars, originally conceived by Jose Ramirez III.

This instrument features all solid wood construction, a complex asymmetrical 6-fan top strut pattern, a unique custom soundhole mosaic rosette, custom top marquetry perimeter and custom Ramirez label. The headstock shape represents the historical shape most often associated with early vintage Ramírez guitars.

I particularly like the small extension on the back of the bridge; done to protect the top from wear caused by string changes. This is a thoughtful addition than normally would only appear on the most expensive of the Ramirez professional models.

Ramírez 130th Años, or 130th Anniversary model, “Guitarras de Estudio”  with Ramírez case

The Ramírez 130th Años has an extremely wide tone pallet with a wide dynamic range and authoritative overall sonic presence that rivals many concert level instruments!

The design features are uniquely Ramírez in decoration, tone, and quality of sound and materials. These guitars are custom built for Ramírez in limited runs, by select Spanish Luthiers. They are specifically and uniquely built for Ramírez. Although their construction is not directly done by Amalia Ramírez, all guitars are inspected and adjusted in her workshop by her craftsmen under her personal supervision.

Available in Red Cedar top or in German Spruce top; both guitars are identical structurally.
Tonally the Cedar and Spruce top versions have very similar voice. One might hear only subtle differences; more bass power from the Cedar and clearer, more articulate trebles with Spruce. That said, the differences are subtle indeed!

Interestingly, these reasonably priced Spanish guitars have become our single largest selling model in this lower-middle price range; a reflection on the consistently excellent tone and balance of these reasonably priced guitars.

Spring of 2012 represents the beginning of this limited production and we will continue to offer this fine guitar for the next five  years.

Setup For New Ramírez guitars

We carefully inspect and setup all new Ramírez guitars to ensure that they are in perfect working order.

Generally the “factory action” is in the range of 8/64” treble and 8.5/64” bass, which is the normal range of standard classical “concert” action height for players using typical classical right hand technique with an aggressive light right-hand attack.

Nut height: we always adjust the nut slots to our preferred settings.

We will do any setup adjustments the purchaser requires and install new strings of their choice for no extra cost.

If you are playing in the Latin jazz style with free-stroke right hand technique and don’t anticipate using an aggressive rest stroke, then we would advise that we lower the action before shipping.

If you are an aggressive player, then I would recommend staying with the current “standard” action height.

It is a given that we will setup any guitar we sell to suit the player. It is best if you can provide as much information as possible about your playing style so we can make an informed decision on how to setup the guitar:

  • Your right hand picking attack; free stroke vs. rest-stroke
  • Classical right hand position vs. Chet or Latin style hand position
  • Your estimation of your normal action height on your current guitars (low vs. medium or high, or actual measurements between the top of the fret and bottom of the string)
  • And anything else that will help us to setup your guitar appropriately.



Price: $2,749.00 CAD
  • Model: 130 Anos
  • Year: Current
  • Class: New
  • Serial Number: Varies as New
  • Country of Origin: Spain
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Date Posted: 08/11/2018

  • This instrument has been sold
  • Not Consignment

  • Including original Hard case
  • Instrument Weight: 3lbs 1.35kg
  • Scale Length: 25.6in 650mm
  • Nut Width: 2.04in 54mm
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