Hofner Beatle Bass: 500/1 Vintage 63′ Bass DISCONTINUED

This model is discontinued, but we do carry other new and used Hofner basses.

Walter Hofner conceived of the idea of a short scale violin shaped hollow electric bass guitar in 1955 and introduced the finished product at the Frankfurt trade show in 1956. Little did Hofner know that this new bass was to become the flagship of the company for decades to come!

Of course most of us were introduced to the early ’60s version of the Hofner Beatle bass when we tuned in to the Ed Sullivan Show and saw Paul McCartney playing a left handed version of his 1963 bass (made predominantly with 1962 parts). This in fact was Paul’s second Hofner bass. He purchased his first while playing in Germany when he was forced by the departure of Stu Sutcliffe to switch from guitar to bass! After using his first “Cavern” Hofner bass from around ’61 to early ’63, the Hofner company presented Paul with a new updated version made in 1963. This was the bass that Paul was to be associated with for the rest of his career!

Hofner 500/1 Vintage ’63 Reissue Bass

* 1 5/8″ wide nut
* 30″ scale length
* adjustable truss rod
* horizontal “non-raised” peghead logo
* rosewood fingerboard
* individual (non strip) tuners
* adjustable truss rod
* mother-of-pearl dot fingerboard markers
* fully hollow body construction
* body bound front & back
* floating bridge
* original style “staple-top” pickups
* hardshell bullet case