Huss and Dalton Guitars

The Twelfth Fret is proud to carry Huss and Dalton Guitars.    These exceptional instruments are built in Staunton, Virginia by Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton, formerly of the Stelling Banjo company.   As always, we will set instruments up to the player’s requirements and we ship worldwide.

Huss & Dalton OM Custom Natural, 2002

Here’s a lovely Huss & Dalton OM Custom built during 2002 and in very clean original condition, sporting a ‘Stingray’ inlay set and Abalone rosette ring. Built using the well proven Orchestra Model design, the Huss & Dalton OM Custom features an Adirondack Spruce top with tropical Mahogany for the sides, back, body blocks and neck. The bridge is ebony, the fingerboard binding is also ebony , the body binding is tortoise and the head plate is Indian Rosewood.

Huss & Dalton NOS TDR Custom Adirondack Dreadnought – Out of Stock

The Huss & Dalton TDR is, as the name breaks down, a Traditional Dreadnought design with Rosewood for the sides, back, and head plate. This Huss & Dalton NOS TDR Custom is a New Old Stock model but still covered as new! Built in Staunton, Virginia, the Huss & Dalton TDR evokes the best of the traditional Dreadnought design. Extremely well built and finished, the TDR seen here – a Custom version – uses a Thermo-cured Adirondack Spruce top, paired with Indian Rosewood for the sides and back.

❌SOLD❌ Huss & Dalton Crossroads 14 Sunburst, 2020

The Huss & Dalton Crossroads 14 takes cues from the small body flat-top guitars used by many blues players from the 1920s to 1940s, but with more body depth to enhance bass response. This model is also available in a 12-fret version. The 14-fret version is really called the ‘Crossroads’,  with the 12-fret being the ‘Crossroads 12’,  but it’s easy to confuse the two.   

Huss & Dalton L-13 Standard Rosewood Sunburst

Here we have a Huss & Dalton L-13 Standard in Rosewood, based on the classic Nick Lucas models made by Gibson from 1927 to 1938. The L-13 is part of the Huss & Dalton Crossroads line. Featuring a Sitka Spruce top and here with Indian Rosewood for the sides and back, the Huss & Dalton L-13 Standard is also available with Mahogany for the sides and back, while the L-13 Deluxe uses figured Maple and sunburst on the back as well as the top.

Huss & Dalton DM Mahogany Dreadnought

This is a beautiful brand new Huss & Dalton DM mahogany dreadnought, a great guitar following the traditional pattern of Mahogany D style guitars. Established in 1995,  Huss & Dalton began when Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton had the idea to build the guitar they wanted to play. While always appreciating the traditional design, both had a vision of a guitar that paid  homage to tradition while incorporating improvements in the structural design and cosmetics of the steel string guitar.

Huss & Dalton TOMR Custom

Here we have a new Huss & Dalton TOMR Custom featuring a Thermo-Cured Sitka Spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides! The model name breaks down to Traditional Orchestra Model Rosewood. On this guitar, the Custom refers to the choice of the thermo-cured Sitka top;  it’s also available with an Adirondack or Red Spruce top, and without the thermo-cure. Thermo-cured wood is also known as baked, torrefied, and by Martin as part of their VTS (vintage tone system). The process uses controlled, high heat, atmospheric pressure and minimal oxygen and simulates aging. 

Huss & Dalton T0014 Rosewood Steel String Guitar

Here’s a beautiful new Huss & Dalton T0014 Rosewood, part of the Traditional series and here seen with a Rosewood rather than Mahogany body. The top of the Huss & Dalton T0014 Rosewood is Sitka Spruce and the neck is Mahogany, with Ebony for the bridge and unbound fingerboard. The headplate is Indian Rosewood, and there are no electronics installed – this guitar is entirely acoustic.

Huss & Dalton Crossroads 12 Sunburst

Here is a brand new Huss & Dalton Crossroads 12, a smaller bodied, 12 fret version of the Crossroads line. These “Retro” guitars are great for fingerstyle, particularly blues and folk styles, and work really well with a vocalist. Sold with the original Huss & Dalton hard shell case.

Huss & Dalton TDR Custom Sitka Top Dreadnought

The Huss & Dalton TDR is, as the name breaks down, a Traditional Dreadnought design with Rosewood for the sides, back, and head plate. The Dreadnought design first appeared during 1916, built by C F Martin for the Oliver Ditson company. The design was not popular at the time but when Martin re-introduced it in 1931, times had changed. These models went on to great success and are now one of the handful of standard guitar body shapes, built by almost everyone and played by countless guitarists.

Huss & Dalton TOM R Custom Adirondack Top Guitar, 2020

Here’s a brand new Huss & Dalton TOM R Custom traditional OM style guitar, with a custom thermo-cured Adirondack Red Spruce top.   This wonderful guitar reflects all the features and quality of Huss & Dalton instruments. Based on the Traditional Orchestra Model or OM design that dates to the late 1920s and using Rosewood for the sides and back, this TOM R Custom also sports a ‘Thermo-Cured’ Adirondack Red Spruce top with Herringbone purfling and a vintage-amber tint.