Huss and Dalton Guitars

The Twelfth Fret is proud to carry Huss and Dalton Guitars.    These exceptional instruments are built in Staunton, Virginia by Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton, formerly of the Stelling Banjo company.   As always, we will set instruments up to the player’s requirements and we ship worldwide.

Huss & Dalton TOM R Custom Adirondack Top Guitar, 2020

Here’s a brand new Huss & Dalton TOM R Custom traditional OM style guitar, with a custom thermo-cured Adirondack Red Spruce top.   This wonderful guitar reflects all the features and quality of Huss & Dalton instruments. Based on the Traditional Orchestra Model or OM design that dates to the late 1920s and using Rosewood for the sides and back, this TOM R Custom also sports a ‘Thermo-Cured’ Adirondack Red Spruce top with Herringbone purfling and a vintage-amber tint.   

Huss and Dalton CM Rosewood, 2019

Here we’re looking at a brand new, just introduced Huss and Dalton CM model. It features an Engelmann Spruce top, Indian Rosewood for the sides and back, with Mahogany for the body blocks and neck. The head plate, bridge, and Maple-bound fingerboard are Ebony. Body binding is also Maple. Abalone is used for the rosette and 12th Fret Scroll inlay, and the Huss and Dalton log is Mother of Pearl.

Huss and Dalton DS-12 Crossroads Slope-Shoulder Dreadnought

This new Huss and Dalton DS-12 Crossroads Slope-Shoulder Dreadnought, and it’s an outstanding guitar, showing all the power and richness of the dreadnought design. The slope shoulder dreadnought design first appeared around 1916, built by C. F. Martin with a Ditson brand name, but effectively disappeared in the late 1920’s. Martin started producing square-shouldered dreadnoughts – the classic D series – and the slope shoulder re-appeared as a Gibson design, on models like the J-45.

❌SOLD❌ Huss and Dalton TD-M Custom Adirondack and Sinker Mahogany Dreadnought, 2014

The Huss and Dalton TD-M Custom is, as the name suggests, and buyer-customized version of the ‘Traditional Dreadnought-Mahogany’ model, in this case with Adirondack Spruce top and Sinker Mahogany back and sides.The ‘Traditional Dreadnought’ dates back to around 1911, when C F Martin built a number of large bodied guitars for the Ditson company. In 1931, with the need for ever-increasing volume, Martin re-launched the design with then now-classic ‘D’ series guitars. This design has been the basis for many other guitar models by many other builders.

❌SOLD❌ Huss and Dalton DS Custom Brazilian Rosewood, 2008

The Huss and Dalton DS Custom is based a Dreadnought body with Slope or rounded shoulders, and customized a number of ways. Here, an Adirondack Spruce top is paired with Brazilian Rosewood for the back and sides. Built during 2008, this Huss & Dalton DS Custom is in great condition and delivers outstanding tone. These guitars are great to start with, but this example is something else. It’s full, rich and warm with plenty of sparkle and separation. It also plays very well.

❌ SOLD ❌ Huss and Dalton Crossroads Left Handed Guitar Sunburst, 2013

Here’s an unusual Huss and Dalton Crossroads Left Handed model!  This wonderful guitar was built during 2013 at the Huss and Dalton shop in Staunton, Virginia. The Huss and Dalton Crossroads line begins with the DS Crossroads – Dreadnought Slope – and draws from the venerable J-45 design with Sitka Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides.

Huss & Dalton TOM-R OM Body Steel String Guitar 2018

Classic timeless styling. The Huss & Dalton TOM-R combines traditional flat-top construction with the red spruce bracing used in all Huss & Daltons. This guitar is especially suited for finger-style players or flatpickers with a lighter touch, yet holds up to vigorous strumming when the performance becomes more intense. The even response and airy, shimmery qualities the OM has always been known for are maintained and expanded on in the Huss & Dalton TOM-R.

❌SOLD❌ Huss and Dalton TOM-M Torrefied OM Mahogany Steel String

The Huss and Dalton TOM-M was our on staff expert, Mike Gray’s favourite guitar at the 2017 NAMM show.   The name means that it has a Torrefied spruce top on an OM or Orchestra Model size body that has Mahogany back and sides.   Torrefaction is a process of carefully heat-treating tonewoods to simulate the effects of decades of aging, and helps produce a warmer,  open tone – helping a new, relatively unplayed instrument sound and respond as if it had years of being played.   
As with all Huss and Dalton instruments, the fit, finish and attention to detail is unmatched.  These guitars play very well, sound great, and are very responsive.  

(Discontinued) Huss & Dalton RD-M Road Edition Mahogany Dreadnought, 2016

Established in 1995; Huss & Dalton began when Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton had the idea to build the guitar they wanted to play. While always appreciating the traditional design, both had a vision of a guitar that paid  homage to tradition while incorporating improvements in the the structural design and cosmetics of the steel string guitar.

Huss and Dalton T-0014

Our newly arrived Huss and Dalton T-0014 Traditional 00 14 Fret is a spectacular guitar. The 00 body design is very well balanced and articulate, and wonderful for finger style playing.