Hofner HCT-500/1 SB Violin Bass Contemporary Beatle Bass

Hofner has just introduced the Contemporary Series, which positions itself between the German made original models and the Icon Series entry level instruments!

This new Hofner HCT-500/1 Violin Bass is made in China, but utilizes the original German made Höfner HS11B ‘Staple-Top’ pick-ups with a control panel that includes 2 volume controls, 2 circuit breakers and Rhythm/Solo switches for volume Boost … like the original issues!

We have upgraded this particular bass with original “tea cup” knobs and Hofner short scale flatwound strings to make it even more authentic!

Available in left handed!


* laminate Spruce top (like the originals)
* laminate Maple Body (like the originals)
* internal sustain block to increase feedback rejection
* Rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets.
* Original Höfner HS11B ‘Staple-Top’ pick-ups.
* 76 mm short scale length.
* 42 mm saddle width.
* Nickel plated hardware.
* Vintage vibe Hofner control panel with 2 volume controls,
2 circuit breakers, Rhythm/Solo switches for volume Boost.
* Sunburst finish.

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