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1977 Hagstrom Jimmy James D’Aquisto Archtop (SOLD)

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US Price: US $1154.73
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 53 013017
Designed by James D'Aquisto, The Hagstrom Jimmy was built in Sweden from 1969 to 1979 in two major versions - with an oval soundhole and a single neck-mounted pickup, or with traditional F-holes as seen here.

This example of the Hagstrom Jimmy F-hole archtop was built around 1977, in the second variation of that model. In 1976, the bodies became all laminated birch (they had been laminated spruce), with birch for the neck, block inlays and rosewood fingerboard. 1,207 of these F-hole guitars were made in these initial runs.

This guitar is in very clean condition with a small finish chip on the back, on the end of the cutaway. A brown tolex-covered hard shell case is included.

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