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NO LONGER AVAILABLE! 2008 Gibson ES-339 Thinline Tobacco Sunburst

Price: CDN $2100
US Price: US $1672.37
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Class: Used
S/N: CS86730, dates to 2008 at Gibson's Memphis Custom Shop.
Introduced in 2007, the Gibson ES-339 follows the successful path of the ES-335 thinline archtop electric line but with a body just larger than a Les Paul.

This smaller body size provides all the tone and responsiveness of the bigger-bodied ES-335, and is very comfortable. The scaled-down body does not mean that the rest of the guitar is smaller - it has all the features and feel of the full sized guitars.

These guitars are built at the Gibson Memphis Custom Shop, and are very popular with working musicians who want a more compact instrument. The ES-339 also features the 'Memphis Tone Circuit', which adds a .001uF capacitor and a low-value resistor (150-300k ohms) between the input and middle lugs of the volume pot. This circuit helps retain treble when turning down the volume control.

This early example dates to 2008, and is in very good original condition. It features a 'Sunset Burst' nitrocellulose lacquer finish that's very similar to a traditional Gibson tobacco sunburst. The finish is very clean, with only the slightest wear. The fingerboard sports dot inlays, and there is very little fret wear. The original case is included.

A note about Gibson Custom Shop serial numbers:

Gibson has used many, and varied, serial numbering schemes, changing over the years and from plant to plant. Custom Shop instruments like these ES-339 models from the Gibson Memphis plant have used two schemes, one with CS and five digits and another, introduced around 2010, with CS and six digits. The CS+5 scheme is CS YRRRR. So, the first digit (Y) is the year and the remaining four (RRRR) are the production number. The CS+6 scheme is CS YXRRR. Here, the first digit (Y) is the year, the second (X) identifies the Gibson plant - 5 for Memphis - and the remaining four (RRRR) are the production number.

Visit the Gibson Guitars website and learn more about the Gibson ES-339 Thinline Archtop!

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