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2009 Gretsch G6118TLH Anniversary Left Handed (SOLD)

Price: CDN $2000
US Price: US $1592.74
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: JT09124397, built at the Terada Plant in Japan during December 2009.
This is pretty rare - a Gretsch G6118TLH Anniversary model in smoke green with ML bracing, and Left-Handed! This exceptional instrument was built during December 2009 and is in very good original condition.

The Gretsch Anniversary model has been around since 1958, Gretsch's 75th anniversary. Since 2003 it has carried the 6118 model number. Ths guitar sports the traditional 'Two Tone' smoke green finish and has the ML bracing system that provides much more sustain and much less feedback than the soundpost bracing, while adding less weight than the Trestle bracing system.

The Anniversary is an great, versatile instrument, with all of the tone and playability of the 6120 at a lower price because of the slightly reduced binding and decoration.

This is a left-handed model, built at the Terada plant in Japan during December of 2009, and plays just as well as the right-handed versions. The left-handed construction isn't an afterthought - even the serial number is in left-handed format, which isn't always the case on some other brands. It is in great condition, with only minor wear.

For hardware, the tuners are Grover Sta-Tites, as typically used on Anniversary models, the pickups are Filter 'Trons with the standard tone switch wiring. There is a Space Control bridge in chrome on an ebony base, and of course a left-handed B6 Bigsby vibrato tailpiece.

The original case is in similarly good shape with all the original case candy.

Visit the Gretsch Guitars website and read more about the current Gretsch G6119TLH Anniversary Left Handed!

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