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G.W. Barry OM Maple 2001 (Used) SOLD

This is one of those guitars where I’m sure OM stands for Oh Mamma…. this guitar sounds great! Not only is this guitar super comfortable to play with its compact OM body size and low profile neck profile but it is as light as a feather! Big leaf maple is a dense hard wood which is often described as bright sounding because it has fewer overtones than other medium density woods and has a quicker note decay. However, maple does have a very focused and dominate note fundamental with a treble sparkle that really cuts through a mix making it a preferred tone wood for live performance. Some players find that maple guitars are overly bright and lack bass response but that is certainly not the case with this guitar. There is probably more tight and defined bass response on this guitar than any other maple instrument that I have heard. The treble sparkle and laser beam like note fundamental is still there but the lower midrange and bass provide extra girth to the overall sound making this an exceptional sounding guitar for use in solo or band settings. As always the simple but elegant design aesthetic from G.W. Barry makes this guitar as appealing visual as it is tonally!



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