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Harrison G.B. Custom Maple SOLD

Harrison  G.B. Custom Maple SOLD

The GB model is designed to produce an acoustic archtop sound from a comfortable, low-to-no feedback guitar. With a stunningly figured carved maple top, chambered mahogany body, and ebony appointments, this is an outstanding instrument


Harrison G.Benson 2003 (Consignment) SOLD

Harrison G.Benson 2003 (Consignment)  SOLD

The second Gary Benson model made, this guitar has been heavily used by Gary in performance but is in excellent condition. Comes with black archtop hardshell case which is slightly deeper than the guitar.


Harrison 17″ Maple Archtop 2003 (Consignment)

Harrison 17" Maple Archtop 2003 (Consignment)

Extreme good looks, high grade woods, top notch craftsmanship, smooth playability and excellent tonal quality, what else can I say about this Harrison archtop. Oh yea …. it is in near mint condition and comes with a Calton hardshell flight case!!


Harrison GB Custom 2002 (Consignment) SOLD

Harrison GB Custom 2002 (Consignment) SOLD

Here is a beautiful GB Custom from luthier Doug Harrison. This luxurious and
comfortable single cutaway thinline guitar is sporting a bit of a Gretsch vibe with its Filtertron neck humbucker, custom carved pickguard and thumbnail fretboard markers. The honey tint burst on the top is so smooth you can almost taste the sweetness and the low profile neck shape is oh so comfortable. As always with Harrison guitars this example is a well thought out design with premium woods and components and a masterful build construction!


Harrison GB Custom “Blister” Maple SOLD

Harrison GB Custom "Blister" Maple   SOLD

What can I say…… he’s done it again! Master Luthier Douglas Harrison builds some of the best jazz guitars guitars in the world, and this new GB Custom is no exception. Its “Blister Maple” top is simply mesmerizing. I was in love with this guitar before I had even played it!


Harrison “Neo Jazz” 17″ Archtop SOLD

Harrison "Neo Jazz" 17" Archtop  SOLD

Over the years, Douglas Harrison has proven his ability to evolve and innovate when it comes to the principles behind his guitars’ designs. Harrison’s latest creation, the Neo Jazz 17″ archtop, is an absolute masterpiece. Several subtle adjustments to the traditional archtop design combined with flawless execution create an instrument that simply screams quality. Visually, the Neo Jazz has a striking look, both elegant and modern. The real brilliance behind the Neo Jazz’s design is that the very features that are the most visually bold are the same features that make it such a sonic powerhouse.



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