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Mack Amplifiers Sky Raider SR-30E Head SALE! SOLD!

The key to the SR-30’s tone is power amplifier overdrive.  Turning up the amp’s volume and letting the preamp signal overdrive the power tubes produces natural, harmonically complex crunch and distortion.  However, clean tones are just a twist of the guitar volume knob away.  The SR-30 cleans up very well with changes in guitar volume.  With the amp at full volume, adjusting the guitar output produces anything from crystalline clean tones, to full on roaring distortion.  The ‘Character’ switch provides further tonal flexibility by adjusting the gain and bass output using a simple three-way switch.  Finally, the Skyraider SR-30 thrives on overdrive and distortion pedals.  Set the amp volume for a suitable clean tone and slam it into creamy, thick crunch and distortion tones with the click of a switch.  Great for recording, practicing and getting a little extra slam at a gig!



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