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1969 Harmony H54-1 Rocket SOLD

1969 Harmony H54-1 Rocket  SOLD

The Harmony company made a huge number of instruments between 1945 and 1978, under their own name and under contract to other distributors and retailers. At one time, if you went anywhere in North America, somebody had a Harmony-produced instrument.


National Reso-Phonic Wocket Wooden Rocket

National Reso-Phonic Wocket Wooden Rocket

Just in – a National Reso-Phonic Wocket Wooden Rocket! This mahogany laminate version has all the features of the very popular National Reso-Rocket, but with the extra warmth and growl wood provides.

The ‘Wocket’ designation is limited to a very, very few instruments. Steve James refers to his orginal prototype as the ‘Wocket’, and the first few production models are marked as ‘Wocket’ on the label, but subsequent models won’t carry that name on the label.


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