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Steve Huber Kalamazoo Banjo

Steve Huber Banjos represent the very finest in modern banjo construction – but designed and manufactured to a higher standard: the classic flathead banjos of the 1930s! Many banjo makers will hint that some aspects of their instruments can be compared to these legendary pre wars. Steve Huber goes several steps further.


Steve Huber Lancaster Model Banjo

Emulating the sound of a prewar Gibson flathead tone ring might sound like an easy proposition to those unfamiliar with the processes involved, but those in the know will tell you that it is a difficult task indeed, something close to discovering the Holy Grail of bluegrass. For this reason, it is all the more noteworthy that in the several months since its release, praise for the Huber Vintage Flathead ring has been unanimously enthusiastic. While many of us know Steve as a formidable bluegrass banjo player with an innovative traditional bent, his destiny as a tone ring developer par excellence now seems almost inevitable.


Deering Tenbrooks Banjo: The Saratoga Star

The Deering Tenbrooks Banjo:the Saratoga Star shares all of the upgraded hardware and unparalleled Tenbrooks tone ring from the Rüetschi Bell Foundry, but features a highly flamed maple neck and resonator. Most players agree that a maple neck and resonator add a subtle degree of brightness and clarity to the overall tonality of a banjo. While the Tenbrooks Legacy is a very powerful instrument that will be heard within any band mix, it also has a slightly rounder overall tonality. The Tenbrooks Sarasota Star was developed for the professional who wants slightly more edge with a brighter tone!


Deering Maple Sierra

Finally, an all American Bluegrass maple-wood banjo at under $2000 !


Deering Deluxe Banjo

Deering Deluxe Banjo

Deering has upgraded the professional workhorse Deering Deluxe banjo with a new “vintage” style inlay package.


Deering Goodtime Special Banjo

We got our first 2010 Deering Goodtime Special Banjo in June of this year and were absolutely floored at the tone and volume of this new model. Greg Deering has applied his tooling expertise to developing a lower priced steel tone ring to adapt to the new 3 ply red maple Goodtime rim.

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