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Five Bluegrass Banjos under One Thousand Dollars SOLD

Five Bluegrass Banjos under One Thousand Dollars  SOLD

Summer is here and banjo music is in the air! Here are five Bluegrass Banjos under One Thousand Dollars.

I’m always in short supply for good, playable, used banjos in the under $1000 price range but some nice trade-in banjos came in this week.

All 5 banjos below are ideal for the intermediate player who wants a good sounding banjo but is not ready to move up to a professional instrument.


Deering Goodtime Special Banjo

We got our first 2010 Deering Goodtime Special Banjo in June of this year and were absolutely floored at the tone and volume of this new model. Greg Deering has applied his tooling expertise to developing a lower priced steel tone ring to adapt to the new 3 ply red maple Goodtime rim.



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