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Five Bluegrass Banjos under One Thousand Dollars SOLD

 Five Bluegrass Banjos under One Thousand Dollars  SOLD

Summer is here and banjo music is in the air! Here are five Bluegrass Banjos under One Thousand Dollars.

I’m always in short supply for good, playable, used banjos in the under $1000 price range but some nice trade-in banjos came in this week.

All 5 banjos below are ideal for the intermediate player who wants a good sounding banjo but is not ready to move up to a professional instrument.


Gold Star GF 100 FE Banjo SOLD

Gold Star GF 100 FE Banjo SOLD

Serial Number N/A Pricing   Neck Mahogany neck with bound ebony fingerboard, Frets 22 narrow frets. Body Maple tone ring and mahogany resonator, chrome hardware. Finish Mahogany tint clear gloss finish. Hardware/electronics Chrome hardware, Gotoh tuning gears. Playability/Action   Case hard case included. Comments   You can preview our videos now on Our YouTube Channel! You can now Visit our Facebook page!


Gold Star Banjos: GF-100W ” Wreath “

Starting in the late ’70s, Saga introduced its Gold Star line of banjos. At the time, the major American manufacturer (who shall remain unnamed!) was going through some serious quality issues in their banjo line while Gold Star was actually improving on the traditional designs of the elusive ‘Pre-War originals’! The Gold Star flange and tension hoop alloys were upgraded to avoid the impurities and metal fatigue of the originals and their vintage style 20 hole flathead tone ring was the envy of the industry!



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