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Ampeg Portoflex 1964 (Used) – SOLD

Ampeg Portoflex 1964 (Used) - SOLD

Here is a mid 60’s Ampeg amp which pumps out 30 watts of loud and clean tone through a single 15″ speaker. This amp is in great overall condition and is easy to move with its casters on the cabinet!


Bronson Melody King 1952 (Consignment) SOLD

Very cool vintage tube amp. Non-original Jensen 12″ speaker. Great working condition.


Schertler David Amp and Pub 280 Active Loudspeaker SOLD OUT

Ask most of the guys in our shop what their personal favourite acoustic amp is and the answer would be the Schertler David. With clear harmonics, strong and controlled bass response this powerful and portable amp flat out sounds great!


Fryette Pitbull CL 100 Head SOLD

Fryette Pitbull CL 100 Head SOLD

The quest for the perfect balance of tone has always been elusive to many guitarists. Some guitarists find their amp and stick with it for years, while some are constantly changing things around. My first exposure to Fryette amps (then VHT) was in the form of the 100 watt per side power amp and I loved it.


Selmer Zodiac Twin Thirty Early 60’s (Used) SOLD

Here are a couple of unique vintage amps that I have never seen up close before. These 30 watt 2×12 amps feature Selmer labeled Goodman speakers, four inputs, built in Tremolo and selector tone push button controls. The “Blinking Eye” gives you a visual indication of the tremolo speed. Now that’s what I’m talking about!  The two independent channels on this amp allow you to use one side for a microphone and the other for guitar. Both amps are in good shape with a bit of cosmetic wear and tear. Pretty cool!

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