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❌SOLD❌ Carr Bloke 50 Watt 1×12 Tube Combo Amplifier, 2015

❌SOLD❌ Carr Bloke 50 Watt 1x12 Tube Combo Amplifier, 2015

The Carr Bloke Amp, hand built from 2012 to 2015 at Steve Carr’s shop in Pittsboro NC, is a 50 watt, EL-34 based amp that can go down to 35 watts with 6V6 tubes. Its concept is based on classic British amps of the 1970s and 80s, combined with 1960s American power amp sections.

Price: $1800CAD

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❌SOLD❌ Tone King Royalist 15 Head and 1×12 Cabinet Grey, 2015

❌SOLD❌ Tone King Royalist 15 Head and 1x12 Cabinet Grey, 2015

The Tone King Royalist 15 differs from most of builder Mark Bartel’s production in that focuses on recreating a UK sound, akin to the Bluesbreaker and Plexi but at reasonable power levels. Available in either 1×12 combo or split head / 1×12 cabinet configurations, the Tone King Royalist delivers 15 watts to a built-in attenuator, and then to a single 12 inch Eminence Texas Heat speaker. It is surprisingly light weight, yet it feels solidly built. For tubes, ut uses 3x12AX7 and 2x EL84s.

Price: $2500CAD

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❌ SOLD ❌ Carr Sportsman 19 Watt 1×12 Amplifier, 2013

❌ SOLD ❌ Carr Sportsman 19 Watt 1x12 Amplifier, 2013

Designed by Steve Carr and hand built using point to point techniques in Pittsboro North Carolina, the versatile Carr Sportsman pushes 19 6V6 watts through a single 12 inch speaker.

Price: $1499CAD

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❌SOLD❌ Morris Rock Grinder “Meltdown”

❌SOLD❌ Morris Rock Grinder "Meltdown"

The Morris Rock Grinder Meltdown featured here today is a 2 channel, 50 watt all tube head. Driven by 6L6 power tubes, the amp delivers fat, robust clean sounds with just the right amount of top end sparkle.

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