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🍁 Canada Day 🍁 Feature – Stan Rogers’ William Laskin Guitar (Not For Sale)

🍁 Canada Day 🍁 Feature - Stan Rogers' William Laskin Guitar (Not For Sale)

Stan Rogers created a legacy of songs that celebrate our country and the spirit of its people. His musical and lyrical craftsmanship made him a songwriter for the ages. His untimely passing in a tragic airline disaster ripped a page out of our young countries cultural fabric far too soon – but, his songs live on and will never be forgotten.


❌SOLD❌ William Laskin 12-String Guitar, 1983

❌SOLD❌ William Laskin 12-String Guitar, 1983

The William Laskin 12-string seen here is a wonderful guitar, with an interesting history and a well established provenance demonstrating its participation in folk music performance. Commissioned in 1982 from William Laskin by Garnet Rogers, it was also used by Stan Rogers for several months until his untimely death in June 1983. Since then it has been used in multiple tours, performance and recordings.

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