Wampler AnalogEcho

There is always a fierce debate over analog vs. digital delays. I tend to sit closer to the digital side of the fence due to the simple fact that most analog delays are just “tone suckers” and color the original sound of the guitar. There are many analog style pedals that claim to maintain tone and clarity but end up sounding like the equivalent of taking a walk in pasture were livestock have grazed.

Brian Wampler’s design for this ultimate delay pedal maintains clarity, tone, and transparency by mixing the dry path and core processed sound through a pt2399 chip. This chip is used in many boutique pedals that don’t even come close to sounding as good as Wampler’s stellar design. The results are nothing short of breath taking. The delay sound is huge, fat, musical and bigger than anything that I’ve come across. It even rivals my favourite Blackbox Quicksilver delay…and that is a feat unto itself!

The secret weapon “du jour” is the tone control. It allows a player to dial up a vintage fatness that begs to be spooned and savored like velvet chocolate mousse. This pedal is one of the best delay solutions in the store guaranteed to please both analog and digital geeks with one giant S-T-O-M-P…STOMP…s-t-o-m-p…stomp…stom…sto..st…s. Plus it’s finished in a cool sparkle orange color (insert the sound of crickets in the background silence here___________). ‘Nuff said.