Xotic BB Plus

There has been so much hype (and phone calls!!!) over this Xotic BB Plus pedal. Due to parts supply issues and delays in manufacture, the wait was almost excruciating…but it was worth every second of anticipation.

The BB Plus picks up where the AC Plus left off in term of gain characteristics. Anyone who’s looking for a high gain British style distortion pedal needs to run, not walk, too the shop to grab one of these. I ran it through the usual Van Halen standards and shred lines.

This pedal is one of the few out there that sounds, feels and reacts like an amp. Beyond versatile, this pedal packs a lot of fire power and options in a dual sized Hammond styled chassis. It features the same order placement for the two gain stages as the AC Plus, the only difference here is that the ”snarl factor” goes up ten fold.

There is a quiet and discreet compression feature on both channels and well as a three band graphic EQ on one side while a tone/contour knob rounds out the EQ on the “gain booster” side. It’s no secret that I was completely blindsided by the Kaden Brown Creeper and Subdecay Black Star distortion, this pedal will for sure find a welcome home in my collection. It is deceptively easy to use but the plethora of sounds that one can summon with it is nothing short of awe inspiring!

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