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2012 Gretsch G6199B Billy Bo Jupiter Thunderbird Bass SOLD

2012 Gretsch G6199B Billy Bo Jupiter Thunderbird Bass  SOLD

This is a 2012 Gretsch G6199B Billy Bo Jupiter Thunderbird Bass! Thought up by Billy Gibbons, Bo Diddley and Gretsch, the 30.0 inch scale Billy Bo Bass really stands out on stage and on track.

The Jupiter Thunderbirds are based on a very few instruments Bo Diddley had built at the Gretsch factory around 1959. After it came into the possession of Billy Gibbons and appeared on several ZZ Top recordings, Gibbons approached Gretch with the idea of making it a production model partly to have some for touring! The guitar model is the G6199.


Gretsch Electromatic G5810 Bo Diddley

In a world of copycat designs and guitar look-alikes, why not dare to be different? Finished in blazing red, the Electromatic Bo Diddley features two chrome humbucker pickups, a maple bolt-on neck with rosewood fingerboard, an adjustable bridge, volume and tone controls plus master tone control and a master volume control, a 3 way pickup selector, and die cast tuners. The distinctive rectangular body measures 9 1/4″ x 17 3/4″ x 1 3/4″.



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