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1972 Marshall Model 1958 2×10 Combo (consignment) SOLD

1972 Marshall Model 1958 2x10 Combo (consignment)  SOLD

Between 1968 and 1972, Marshall built a number of ‘combo’ style amplifiers, where the amp and speakers are in one cabinet. This 1972 Marshall Model 1958 2×10 Combo features four inputs on two channels; channel 2 has a vibrato circuit.


1996 Matchless Chieftan Combo Amp No Longer Available

This is a 1996 Matchless Chieftan combo amp in good condition, and with road case.

The Chieftan puts out 40 watts using 2 G12H30s, 2 EL34s, and 5 12AX7s. There’s one channel, with reverb, and an effects loop. The case is attractively wrapped in black and maroon tolex.


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