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2004 Gitane D500 Professional Gypsy Jazz Guitar (consignment) SOLD

2004 Gitane D500 Professional Gypsy Jazz Guitar (consignment)  SOLD

The Saga company has been producing an excellent version of the Selmer concept under the ‘Gitane’ name for some time. This fine 2004 Gitane D-500 Professional Gypsy Jazz Guitar is a wonderful example of the Grand Bouche design, is in great shape and is really entertaining to play.


SOLD!!! Gitane DG-250 Selmer Reissue

The Gitane brand of guitars fills the needs of Gypsy Jazz enthusiasts who want an authentic sounding instrument that plays well and is affordable. We have received a few shipments of the DG-500 ‘Grande Bouche’ instruments with the twelve fret neck joint and large D-hole but this is the first example of the long scale 14 fret ‘Petite Bouche’ version! We have just negotiated a better price on these instruments from our distributor (please email us for the new price).


SOLD!!! Gitane John Jorgenson DG-300

The DG-300 is the first Signature Series guitar from the Gitane company. This instrument was made to John Jorgenson’s specifications and features hand-selected solid spruce top, eye-catching Brazilian rosewood used for the back and sides, a custom designed mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard – shaped to John’s specific dimensions, and tortoise style body binding.


SOLD!!! Gitane D-500 Django ‘manouche’ Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Gypsy jazz guitar player Django Reinhardt will forever be connected with the Selmer/Maccaferri guitars manufactured in the 1930’s and 40’s in France. There are many handmade replicas of these wonderful flattop guitars, but very few affordable alternatives available to musicians pursuing the Gypsy Jazz idiom. The new Gitane D-500 definitely fills this void!



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