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1950s Arnold Hoyer Archtop Herr im Frack SOLD

1950s Arnold Hoyer Archtop Herr im Frack SOLD

The Arnold Hoyer archtop Herr im Frack, or “Gentleman in Tails’ was introduced in the late 1940s and was popular throughout the 1950s as a professional quality guitar. These instruments were very important as quality guitars were in short supply during the long recovery from the war.


Project Instruments – SOLD

Project Instruments - SOLD

From time to time, I am forced to “house clean” when I run short on storage space. Since I can’t resist buying any vintage instruments things eventually reach the breaking point where I have to ‘thin the herd’.

These ‘project instruments’ are put on a shelf with the best of intentions…but many cups of espresso later I come to the realization that I would rather be out on my motorcycle and many of these projects will simply never be looked at.



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