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VOX Mark VI 1965 (consignment) SOLD

VOX Mark VI  1965 (consignment) SOLD

The Vox Mark VI was introduced in 1963, with 6 and 12 string versions and the bass made famous by Bill Wyman; it was . This example is in excellent, original condition and includes strap and Vox polishing cloth.


EKO 700 4V 1960’s (consignment) SOLD

EKO 700 4V  1960's (consignment) SOLD

a Vinci, Ferrarri, Maserati, Eko…. Italy has long been known for innovative designs. And this Eko 700 v4 is a very cool and rare guitar. Eko electric guitars were not uncommon in the early and mid 1960’s, and as a bonus, didn’t always depend on American manufacturers for design cues.


Vox Mark IV Bass, 1965 – 67 SOLD

Vox Mark IV Bass, 1965 - 67 SOLD

This bass is in quite good shape and plays well.


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