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The Kavanjo Banjo Pickup: Another Happy Customer

Duncan Fremlin  is one of our long time, professional banjo customers.  Duncan has performed with many of Canada’s greats and toured extensively over the years.

But Duncan  also has a “real job” as a well established Realtor in the City of Toronto.

Last week, he was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the International RE/MAX Convention in Las Vegas.


Fralin Split Blade Pickups

The Stratocaster guitar pick-up configuration is one of the most versatile pick-up set ups around. The struggle has always been all about the noise. I know as a pro player on the circuit, the noise that accompanies single coil pick-ups makes stop just short of pulling my hair out. Over the years, many companies have introduced stacked single coil sized “humbuckers” to the pick-up game. While many fall short of sounding like a genuine single coil, a few companies like Dimarzio, with their Virtual Vintage series, and LACE, with their Holy Grail series, actually have come up with designs that hit the mark.



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