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National Resophonic Guitars: The 14 Fret National Style 0

The 14-fret to the body Style O was introduced in 1935 by the National Stringed Instrument Corporation. It came with either the Traditional Sieve pattern coverplate or the newly introduced Chicken Foot coverplate. in 1935 this guitar had a slotted headstock with a decal. In 1936 it went to the solid peghead style with a rosewood overlay, inlaid with a pearloid banner logo and was produced until 1938. From 1939 to 1941 it had what was called a paddle headstock with a black phenolic overlay and a metal shield logo. This instrument originally sold for $62.50 and in 1939 the price was increased to $65.00!!!


National NRP 14 Fret

National NRP 14 Fret

The National NRP brings back memories – I owned one of the few original 1930s National Duolians that I have seen in my 40 odd years in this business that did NOT need a reset and had not history of amateur repairs…and foolishly sold it. The good part is that it went to a pro player who actually regularly gigs with it. I loved this guitar and have always been on the lookout for another. Unfortunately, most 1930s have severely overbowed necks, funky neck sets and played out original low-grade aluminum cones.

Price: $3149 CAD

National Resophonic Guitars Baritone El Trovador

National Resophonic Guitars Baritone El Trovador

Grant special ordered this guitar for a customer, but we had so much fun with it we decided to feature it on our website and order another for the store. It is a stock El Trovador resonator guitar, but with an extended 27″ scale length. Strung up with 15-69 guage strings and set in standard baritone B to B tuning, I couldn’t believe the rich warm boom that came from the guitar with my first strum. The ring and articulation were classic National, but with a deeper drone and even longer sustain than usual (which is saying a lot!). We were a little sad to see this beauty go, but more are on the way. I just hope I don’t have to wait too long to play one again!

Price: $4189 CAD
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