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National Resophonic Guitars Baritone El Trovador

National Resophonic Guitars Baritone El Trovador

Grant special ordered this guitar for a customer, but we had so much fun with it we decided to feature it on our website and order another for the store. It is a stock El Trovador resonator guitar, but with an extended 27″ scale length. Strung up with 15-69 guage strings and set in standard baritone B to B tuning, I couldn’t believe the rich warm boom that came from the guitar with my first strum. The ring and articulation were classic National, but with a deeper drone and even longer sustain than usual (which is saying a lot!). We were a little sad to see this beauty go, but more are on the way. I just hope I don’t have to wait too long to play one again!

Price: $4,389.00 CAD


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