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‘Gibson Mastertone’ Banjo Clone SOLD

'Gibson Mastertone' Banjo Clone SOLD

During the 1970s and 80s there were a number of master Luthiers building replicas of Gibson banjos. Real Gibsons were in short supply and many felt the quality was not up to standards so many of these makers made a living building these lovely handmade copies at knock down prices compared to a new Gibson Mastertone.


GoldTone EBM-5 Solidbody Electric Banjo

GoldTone EBM-5 Solidbody Electric Banjo

Need to be loud? Go ahead, plug this in and turn it up; you won’t even be able to hear the disappointed whining from the guitar players.

This model is also used by Winston Marshal of Mumford and Sons.


Recording King Banjos: The Professonal Model RK-R80

The Recording King Professional model resonator banjo combines classic pre-war style features and desirable modern touches to create the ultimate bluegrass banjo. This model features a mahogany resonator, mahogany neck, bound ebony fretboard, American Standard thread hardware, 20-hole tone ring and a 3-ply rim. Designed by Greg Rich, this model recalls the most supremely crafted banjos from the Golden Age of musical instruments.



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