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2010 Carr Viceroy 1×12 Amplifier (consignment) Sold

2010 Carr Viceroy 1x12 Amplifier (consignment) Sold

Here’s a very clean 2010 Carr Viceroy 1×12 Amplifier! The Viceroy is a hand-wired, class A amp with two 6L6 tubes and a tube reverb. It’s switchable between 33 and 7 watts, and has an Eminence 12 inch speaker.


2008 Carr Rambler 2×12 Amplifier (consignment) SOLD

2008 Carr Rambler 2x12 Amplifier (consignment) SOLD

Here is a great condition, hand-wired 2008 Carr Rambler 2×12 Amplifier. The Rambler is a switchable pentode (28 watt) or triode (14 watt) design intended to enhance the idea of a ‘deluxe’ club amp, with reverb and tremolo circuits.