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Hartman Frailing Banjo with Dobson style tone ring 2011 SOLD

Hartman Frailing Banjo with Dobson style tone ring 2011  SOLD

Anne Hartman builds banjos and guitars in the Toronto area and is quickly establishing herself as a respected luthier. This is a wonderful example of her work, and is built around a rare, vintage-style component – a nickel-plated brass Dobson-style tone ring (made by Rickard).


Sold! Hartman Open Back

Sold!  Hartman Open Back

We’ve been lucky enough to have several of Anne Hartman’s handmade Banjos come through our shop over the last couple years, and I continue to be impressed by the quality and style of her instruments. This maple open back showcases some fantastic wood selection, elegant inlay design, and top notch construction in every way. Hartman’s work is a perfect blend of classic design with modern building standards.


Sold! Anne Hartman 5 String and Fretless 5 String Banjos

Today we are featuring a couple of lovely custom open back banjos from Toronto builder Anne Hartman. Both banjos feature curly maple pots with ebony rim caps and curly maple necks with ebony fingerboards. The look of these banjos are both classic and unique at the same time. The red pin stripe on the ebony binding is beautiful and the mother of pearl “Man in the moon, Shooting Star” inlay in the fingerboard scoop of the the fretless provides an elegant dreamy quality.
The five string uses a heavy mass Tubaphone tone ring which increases sustain and improves clarity and balance as you play up the neck. The fretless five string uses a light weight ‘Little Wonder’ tone ring which provides less sustain and the classic plunky sound perfect for old time playing styles.



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