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1983 Gibson L-5 CES Archtop (consignment) SOLD

1983 Gibson L-5 CES Archtop (consignment)  SOLD

This 1983 example of the Gibson L-5 CES is in very good condition with a natural finish. There’s very little wear and the gold plating is in quite good shape; it’s possible that the original owner rested a fingertip on the pickguard and the corner of the bridge pickup, and there’s a little corrosion in the plating there.


Gibson L5 CES 1983 SOLD

Gibson L5 CES 1983  SOLD

The Gibson L5 CES is a classic, beautiful guitar and is the direct descendant of the big archtops of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. The CES designation stands for “Cutaway Electric Spanish”.

The original L-5 was designed by Lloyd Loar, first produced in 1922 and electrified in 1951. For most of that time, the L-5 has been the top of the heap for jazz guitars.


Gibson L-5 CT, 2002 (consignment) SOLD

Gibson L-5 CT, 2002 (consignment)  SOLD

This Gibson L-5 CT from 2002 could be your best friend if you’re headed to the (orchestra) pit. It’s in near perfect condition, and is just a joy to play.

The L-5 CT is based on the L-5 CES but is a ‘thinline’ version, with a side with of 2.25″. It features the same carved, tuned spruce top and carved flame maple back.



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