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Gibson Midtown Standard with Bigsby (Consignment) SOLD

Gibson Midtown Standard with Bigsby (Consignment)  SOLD

Here is something new – a Gibson Midtown Standard with Bigsby. Always on the search for new ideas, in 2011 Gibson introduced the Midtown as a blend of classic designs and new features and technologies.

The Midtown is based on the visuals of the ES-3xx series guitars, and is thinline but isn’t arched, it’s a chambered, flat top guitar. The top is solid maple (rather than laminate as on the ES-3xx series) and the back is chambered mahogany.


1999 Gibson ES-5 Alnico (Consignment) SOLD

1999 Gibson ES-5 Alnico (Consignment) SOLD

Here’s a real treat: a very good condition 1999 Gibson ES-5 Alnico, built in the Gibson Custom Shop at Nashville, Tennessee. The Gibson ES-5 was first produced in 1949, as an alternate electric model of the L-5. Intended for jazz players, the ES-5 had three pickups and lots of controls to allow subtle tonal adjustments.


1967 Gibson ES-345 SOLD

1967 Gibson ES-345  SOLD

Here’s a nice 1967 Gibson ES-345, with varitone; originally wired for stereo output, it’s been modified to a more practical mono setup.

Finding a place in all musical genres, the ES-335, 345 and 355 have been popular since their introduction in 1958 and have never gone out of production.


Gibson ES-135 Tobacco Burst 2001 (Consignment) SOLD

Gibson ES-135 Tobacco Burst 2001 (Consignment)  SOLD

Here’s a lovely Gibson ES-135 Tobacco Burst, built during 2001 in Memphis, Tennessee.

The ES-135 was originally built from 1956 to 1958, and then again from 1999 to 2002. Some models had P-100 pickups — stacked, humbucking versions of the P-90 – and others, like this one, featured standard humbuckers.

This example is in near mint condition. It has an interesting quirk – the label identifies it as an ES-335!


Gibson Super 400 C 1977 SOLD

Gibson Super 400 C 1977 SOLD

Once, giants roamed the earth’s stages and the Gibson Super 400 was at the top. Introduced in 1934, the Super 400 was priced at $400 — hence the name. Still in production, the price has increased somewhat.

The cutaway became an available option in 1939, with the model name of ‘Super 400 Premiere’, but eventually became the C model for ‘Cutaway’. In the 1950’s, the Super 400 started getting pickups, with a thicker top to reduce feedback.

This rare acoustic model is in great shape and looks back to the way the top-range guitars were just before WW2.


Gibson L-5 CT, 2002 (consignment) SOLD

Gibson L-5 CT, 2002 (consignment)  SOLD

This Gibson L-5 CT from 2002 could be your best friend if you’re headed to the (orchestra) pit. It’s in near perfect condition, and is just a joy to play.

The L-5 CT is based on the L-5 CES but is a ‘thinline’ version, with a side with of 2.25″. It features the same carved, tuned spruce top and carved flame maple back.


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