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Rickenbacker 370 1973 (consignment) SOLD

Rickenbacker 370 1973  (consignment) SOLD

This Rickenbacke 370 model – the three-pickup version of the 360 – dates from October 1973, is in good condition and ready to play. Priced at $1800 CAD.


Sadowsky NYC Five String Bass (Consignment) No Longer Available

Here is a lovely Sadowsky Five string bass in great shape selling for $3650.


Valley Arts Custom Pro (consignment) SOLD

Valley Arts Custom Pro (consignment)  SOLD

Valley Arts guitars were originally produced in Los Angeles, with the first model appearing around 1977 and demand from top west coast musicians requiring rapid growth. Unfortunately a 1990 arson at the shop next door to their retail location caused the Valley Arts company significant damage, and in 1992 Samick bought a 50% stake and assumed production.


Eminence Portable Upright Bass 2005 (consignment) SOLD

Eminence Portable Upright Bass 2005 (consignment)  SOLD

An upright bass has a unique tone and presence but can be challenging (and expensive) to transport.The Eminence (or ‘Gelbass’) bass design by Gary Bartig addresses this issue by making the neck easily removable; the instrument and stand fit into the golf club flight case, avoiding airline oversize charges or fitting into many cars.


National Vintage Steel Tricone 2008 SOLD

National Vintage Steel Tricone 2008  SOLD

Here’s a near-mint National Vintage Steel Tricone from 2008. The powder plating is really quite attractive, and it sounds just great.


Collings D-1 2001 SOLD

Collings D-1 2001 SOLD

Here’s a Collings D-1 that’s been played for over ten years but carefully maintained. It’s been cleaned up and ready for another ten years of great tone!



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