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Gibson ES 335 1959 (Consignment) SOLD

Everyone knows the Gibson ES-335 and it’s storied past. Introduced in the spring of 1958 it has gone on to become one of the most recognized guitars in the world. Of course early 335’s have a legendary mojo that is not to be ignored and this guitars fortifies that legend. The original bridge resides along with the PAF pickups and pickguard. The guitar does however have a headstock crack repair and further to that the back of the neck has been refinished. Also a new label replaces the old one which crumbled away.


Gibson ES-175 1956 (Consignment) SOLD

One of Gibson’s classic archtop guitars and a favourite among countless jazz players this ES-175 has turned a beautiful amber hue and plays very well. This exceptional piece is all original except for one tone cap and is in great overall shape for its age!


Harrison Guitars presents the Neo Jazz 17″ archtop!

Over the years, Douglas Harrison has proven his ability to evolve and innovate when it comes to the principles behind his guitars’ designs. Harrison’s latest creation, the Neo Jazz 17″ archtop, is an absolute masterpiece. Several subtle adjustments to the traditional archtop design combined with flawless execution create an instrument that simply screams quality. Visually, the Neo Jazz has a striking look, both elegant and modern. The real brilliance behind the Neo Jazz’s design is that the very features that are the most visually bold are the same features that make it such a sonic powerhouse.



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